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Spring Labor Studies Courses

Dear Colleagues, Learn about your rights as employees and about workers’ struggles in this country by enrolling in one of our Labor Studies classes which will be offered this Spring. Check out t ...

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Equal Opportunity: The Elusive Promise

Please let me know if you are interested in attending. It would be good to have some AFT representatives present. * * * * * December 2 – Equal Opportunity: The Elusive Promise Saturday, 11:00 am ...

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Ratification of New Faculty Contract

College Faculty Colleagues, I am pleased to report that the new college faculty agreement which was emailed and US mailed to all of you was ratified with over 98% voting in favor of ratification. The ...

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Contract Settlement Information/Ballots

The contract settlement materials and ratification ballots for our recent settlement finally got into the mail on Tuesday. Due to all of the political mailing that is going on, our office, the mail ho ...

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AFT Voter Guide

Attached are our recommendations for next Tuesday’s election.  Please don’t forget to vote on November 7th!   voter guide final.pdf ...

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Why AFT Opposes Proposition C

Dear Colleagues, At a time when we are asking the citizens of San Diego to support Proposition N which would strengthen and enhance the fine work we do as public sector employees, we should take a mom ...

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