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The Border: Repression against Migrant Peoples and how to Defend the Community and our Students

La frontera: Represión contra personas migrantes y cómo defender a la comunidad y a nuestros estudiantes (Versión en español: ver abajo) By Enrique Davalos We all know it, civil rights have fallen off a cliff in the United States and the world, but organizing and resistance to this is growing. Yes, these are complex times, particularly for the rights of migrant people of color in the United States and Mexico. We say migrant people instead of just “migrants” after the exhortation of t ...

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Middle Class Racism

A core problem in discussions of racism IS the focus on individual attitudes rather than on structural inequities. hat do you picture when someone refers to the “Trump’s base”? If you’ve watched television coverage of his rallies or read any of the dozens of articles in which reporters and commentators try to explain Trump’s appeal, then you probably imagine white people wearing “MAGA” hats and t-shirts chanting “Lock her up” or “send her back” in an arena in a mid-size Midwestern or Southern ci ...

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CFT Legislative Update 2019

INTRODUCTION September 13, 2019 marked the end of the first year of the two-year legislative session. The legislature will be on Interim Recess until January 6, 2020. The governor had until October 13, 2019 to sign or veto those bills that made it to his desk. An unprecedented 10 CFT-sponsored/co-sponsored bills passed the legislature and made it to the governor’s desk for his consideration. Subsequently, the governor signed 8 of CFT’s sponsored/co-sponsored bills and vetoed 2 of them. Six of CF ...

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Much Needed Proposition 13 Reform is on the Way with Schools and Communities First

By James Miller There is a movement afoot to reform Proposition 13, with community organizations aligned with labor promoting the Schools and Communities First ballot measure.  Why would anyone want to touch the third rail of California politics?  The answer is simple: we can keep its central benefit to homeowners while closing an unnecessary corporate loophole that will help our schools, cities, and counties across California. Ever since its passage in 1978, Proposition 13 has starved Californi ...

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American Inequality is Still Surging Along, Now is the Time to Finally Address It.

By James Miller Despite the mainstream media chorus about our “good economy” things aren’t so great for the average American worker when 4 in 10 Americans couldn’t put together $400 in cash to meet an emergency expense, 6 in 10 couldn’t meet 3 months of expenses if they lost their jobs, only 36% of workers are on track with their retirement savings, and a quarter of Americans have skipped some kind of medical treatment in the past year because of finances. Unfortunately, the basic reality is tha ...

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