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Guided Pathways: “What Is So Bad About Getting Folks Through College Quickly So They Can Join the Workforce?”

By Ian Duckles and Kelly Mayhew, AFT Vice Presidents   As you hopefully know there is a major push across the community colleges for what is known as Guided Pathways. This is an initiative from the California State Chancellor’s office that is intended to address a number of purported problems with community college education as it is currently organized. These are summarized in the Chancellor’s Vision for Success, which identifies problems and sets targets for improvement for the community ...

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The College Admission Scandal Holds a Mirror Up to the Myth of Meritocracy in Higher Education

This is who we are now: a country where the criminal rich brazenly buy their kids’ ways into elite colleges while the sons and daughters of ordinary Americans scrape and claw to gain admission and then struggle to pay for the skyrocketing costs of higher education.  As a recent Public Broadcasting Service story on the college admissions scandal put it: The multimillion-dollar bribery scheme unveiled by the Justice Department this week has sparked equal parts outrage and incredulity over the asto ...

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The Wages of Inequality Continue to Grow

Over the last few weeks, the national political discourse has been chock-full of handwringing in media circles over whether Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and others will push the Democrats beyond what whoever the pundit of the moment is deems the “acceptable” political boundaries by talking about taxing the rich.   Meanwhile, America’s moneyed elite are laughing all the way to the bank.   The rich are getting richer so fast that it’s hard to keep up with them.  That’s the take away ...

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Labor Needs to Listen to the Next Generation and Help Craft a Green New Deal with Strong Labor Provisions

Young people across the world are making sure their voices are heard.  I was proud of my son, his friends, and their classmates last week when they walked out of San Diego High School to participate in the Global Climate Strike during which over a million students worldwide in two thousand locations across one hundred and twenty-five countries stood up to call for urgent climate action.   Moments like these serve as lights in the greater darkness.  And that darkness has been brought to us n ...

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