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Teachers are rising – and bringing everyone up with them

By Justin Akers Chacón, AFT Local 1931 Over the last two years, public school teachers across the country have gone on strike, held mass, statewide rallies, coordinated “sick-outs”, and taken a variety of other actions to confront and reverse the attacks on working and learning conditions in public education. In both “red” and “blue” states, and even in charter schools, teachers’ unions have fought for and won higher wages, better working conditions, and other concessions for their themselves, t ...

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Labor Day 2019: Unions Weather the Storm and Look to Build a Brighter Future

These last few years have been particularly challenging times for the American Labor movement as we’ve faced everything from a host of anti-labor policies coming from Washington to a Supreme Court decision designed to gut public sector unions.  The good news is that despite all of that, the union movement has persevered and the number of Americans who support unions and say they would like the opportunity to join one is the highest it has been in decades.   Of course, the difficulties that union ...

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Unions and marketing: commodity fetishism and American labor

As I pondered the theme for this month’s issue of the Chaparral – marketing – I simply could not escape how our current consumer culture, based on the use of mass marketing campaigns, serves to isolate and alienate workers and the labor movement from American society. When I teach the 2nd half of the United States history survey course, I find that students simply have no connection to unions or the labor movement. In fact, that ambivalence is present among my friends, and even among many of my ...

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Broad Discontent Amongst Teachers Nationally: New Poll Shows Support for Striking High And Not Just for Higher Pay

A recent poll released by PDK shows widespread discontent among teachers nationally.  According to the annual poll done by this association of teachers, administrators, and other educational professionals, six out of ten teachers report feeling dissatisfied, disrespected, and underpaid with half of educators saying they have considered leaving the profession.     In the wake of the West Virginia, Arizona, and California teachers’ strikes (in both Los Angeles and Oakland), these results shou ...

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