Help Fight Climate Change

Climate change is real, and it is threatening all our futures.

On March 7, 2013 our union, AFT Guild, Local 1931, unanimously endorsed a resolution calling for CalSTRS and CalPERS to divest from fossil fuels. The California Federation of Teachers endorsed the resolution during their Sacramento convention on the weekend of March 15-17, 2013.
We face a real dichotomy; our professional lives are spent preparing others for the future while our combined retirement investments are invested in the billions of dollars into fossil fuel industries. The normal use of fossil fuel products is doing severe damage to the life-supporting characteristics of the planet. Now is the time to take action. If we wait, there will be no time to address this. I ask you to visit our website to view the resolution and sign the petition:

To move CalSTRS and CalPERS to take action we will need thousands of those that work in education to sign the petition and show their support.

Thank you.

Gary Waayers
Adjunct Instructor of Biology
Grossmont College
California Teachers for Fossil Fuel Divestment