Mission Statement


The American Federation of Teachers Guild, Local 1931, is an open, active, vital, member-driven organization representing faculty and staff throughout San Diego County. We are dedicated to achieving and maintaining the highest quality:

•     Educational environment provided for our students;

•     Compensation and working conditions for all of the employees we represent;

•     Legal representation, ensuring that justice, fairness, dignity and due process are afforded to all unit members;

•     Workplace unity and equity, actively built on a foundation of respect among all unit members;

•     Solidarity among unions in supporting working people everywhere, in their demands for a living wage, access to affordable health care, and respectable working conditions;

•     Worker education programs emphasizing the current issues affecting working families, as well as a broader perspective on labor’s struggles throughout history;

•     Legislative advocacy on behalf of all workers, and directed at all levels of the legislative system;

•     The Guild recognizes that achieving equity requires the dismantling of institutional racism, sexism, and homophobia as well as societal & economic barriers facing students and all workers in our society.  The Guild is committed to an intersectional approach in addressing equity gaps in educational opportunities.

We further commit ourselves, on behalf of all workers, to expanding and advancing the labor movement in general at all levels.