Why a California oil workers union is getting behind clean energy (06/10/2021)

Dear Colleagues, This new report referenced below, which CFT had a part in sponsoring, is indeed groundbreaking.  AFT Guild VP Kelly Mayhew is quoted/referenced in the LA Times article below. In Solidarity, Jim By Sammy Roth LA Times Staff Writer June 10, 2021 6 AM PT This is the June 10, 2021, edition of Boiling Point, a weekly [...]

Explaining the Reparations Effort for Black Californians (06/03/2021)

New York Times California By Jill Cowan Good morning.   This week, California set out on a fraught, complicated mission that no other state has attempted: come up with proposals to provide reparations to Black Californians for slavery and centuries of systemic discrimination and inequality. A group of nine politicians, scholars and lawyers appointed to a task force will study the issue [...]

Racial Justice Bootcamp (06/03/2021)

Dear Colleagues, Please see the two hour per day, three day, Racial Justice Bootcamp being sponsored by the Labor Council. The facilitator, Bill Fletcher, is a great leader and advocate if you have not had the chance to interact with him. I highly recommend this three day workshop to all Guild members.  (If you are [...]

$500 Remote Work Stipend Approved for All GCCCD Faculty! (05/26/2021)

Dear GCCCD AFT Guild Unit Members, I am pleased to report that earlier today we were able to finalize our negotiations with the District for a “remote work” stipend in the amount of a one-time $500 payment to all GCCCD faculty. All faculty = any faculty member who worked in any capacity during the Fall 2020, Intersession 2021, or [...]

Emergency Broadband Benefit (05/26/2021)

Please share with your students or anyone else who is experiencing challenges with internet access: The Emergency Broadband Benefit is a temporary FCC program to help households struggling to afford internet service during the pandemic. Eligible households can enroll through an approved provider or by visiting GetEmergencyBroadband.org. If you have questions about any of the [...]

Silence is NOT an option – (05/25/2021)

1) One year ago, George Floyd was murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis. Working people throughout America—from large urban cities to small rural towns—protested peacefully, marched down streets and declared three words: Black lives matter. Today, we continue to demand action to root out systemic racism in all forms. On the anniversary of his [...]

Adjunct Faculty “Hold Harmless” POA Rights Extended through Fall 2021 (05/25/2021)

To: Grossmont Faculty <GrossmontFaculty@gcccd.edu>, Cuyamaca Faculty <CuyamacaFaculty@gcccd.edu> Dear GCCCD Adjunct Faculty and Department/Program Chairs, I’m pleased to report that we have reached agreement with the District on extending the temporary contract language we negotiated last year regarding maintenance of POA status throughout the pandemic.  Specifically, what this means is: 1) Adjunct faculty who were not given [...]