Climate Justice Committee

Climate Justice Coalition

Core tenets of the CFT Climate Justice Agenda

Engage our members and the community about labor’s role in advocating for tangible solutions to the climate crisis that simultaneously strengthen our middle class.

Let our members know that good green jobs don’t kill construction projects, but rather can actually increase economic opportunity.

Work to ensure a just transition for working people by insisting that those who might be displaced are retrained for the new economy, and that the green economy must create career union opportunities.

Build and sustain real partnerships with the local environmental movement and community groups committed to economic and environmental justice.

Push for bold new political and policy initiatives that effectively address economic inequality and climate change.

Ensure that candidates’ positions on climate justice are part of CFT’s evaluation for endorsement in political races.

Insist that we work towards ending all of our retirement systems’ investments in fossil fuels and other commercial enterprises that are contributing to catastrophic climate change.

Promote legislation that moves us toward sustainability and climate justice.