American Rescue Plan Explained from AFL-CIO (3/11/2021)

The American Rescue Plan is a victory. Like a lot of you, we’re also disappointed it doesn’t include a minimum wage increase this time. But that doesn’t change the fact that this bill will help people. This bill gives people money. This bill helps schools reopen. This bill funds vaccine distribution. Thousands of people called and [...]

Personal Financial Literacy sessions for teachers and school staff (03/10/2021)

The San Diego Center for Economic Education at Cuyamaca College is offering free personal finance sessions for teachers and staff within CalSTRS and CalPERS. These sessions are being co-presented by an accounting professor at Cuyamaca College and a financial aid program specialist at Grossmont College and will not end with a sales pitch. We're offering four [...]

Latest Updates on Where to get Vaccinated (3/08/2021)

Where to Get Vaccinated: Albertsons/Vons/Pavilions CVS Ralphs RiteAid Walgreens Healthcare Provider: You may be able to schedule an appointment with a local healthcare system. Many providers are notifying their patients directly with next steps to receive the COVID-19 vaccine based on federal and state guidance. For links to VEBA carriers and local medical groups, [...]

INVITATION TO PRESENT @ AFT Sponsored The Summer Institute (TSI) (3/08/2021)

TSI is an AFT-sponsored, innovative virtual 4-day conference. Want to be a part of this year's presenting team on Tuesday, June 1st - Friday, June 4th? We invite you to share an idea you'd like to present as a Lighting Talk during one of the four days. Lightning Talks are 15-minute presentations delivered live via Zoom to TSI Participants. During the past year remote, we know that you have [...]

RATIFIED: New Resource Allocation Formula (RAF) (3/06/2021)

Dear SDCCD AFT Guild Members, I am pleased to report that our membership has ratified the new Resource Allocation Formula (RAF) as described below with 98.6% (793 votes) voting in favor of ratification and 1.4% (11 votes) voting against ratification. On behalf of the your AFT Guild Executive Council, we truly appreciate your continued support. [...]

SAVE THE DATE: Join us for AFT Sponsored The Summer Institute (TSI) (03/05/2021)

Make those plans to get out and about for summer after June 4th because... TSI is back for our 4th year! And we'll be virtual again!! What is TSI? TSI is an AFT-sponsored, innovative virtual 4-day conference. This year it is Tuesday, June 1st - Friday, June 4th. Mornings include an online synchronous workshop from 9-11am led by a pair of colleagues from different colleges and disciplines who provide opportunities for us [...]

Silence is NOT an option – 3/3/21 (3/03/2021)

1) California Community College Districts: Race/Ethnicity of Students and Faculty Data for the 73 community college districts show that in Fall 2019 nearly 60 percent of faculty are white, while 71 percent of students are from other racial and ethnic backgrounds, including Latino, Black, Asian, and Native American.  Read more…   2) The History of Black [...]