AFT Guild Election Recommendations-November 2012

Dear Colleagues,

The Registrar of Voters will begin mailing voting materials and vote by mail ballots today.  Please find below our recommendations for non-partisan races in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

You can also find this list at (pdf version), (html version) or by scanning this QR code into your smartphone:

If you are interested in endorsements in other countywide races please click here, and for races outside of San Diego County please click here.


AFT Guild, Local 1931 Recommendations for the November 6th, 2012 Election

State of California Ballot Measures

Proposition 30 – YES

Temporary income tax increase on earnings above $250,000 and a 1/4 cent sales tax (one penny per $4.00 purchase) to stop cuts to Public Education and other public programs, such as Police and CalFire. Taxpayer safeguards ensure money cannot be misspent.

Proposition 31 – NO

Would harm students by preventing the State from increasing funds for Education without raising additional taxes, even if money is available. Also prevents cutting taxes in years of surplus unless other taxes are increased. Will add tens of millions of dollars per year for additional bureaucracy.

Proposition 32 – NO

Would make it easier for Secret Super PACs to buy elections by creating special exemptions for Corporations and Wealthy Individuals to spend unlimited amounts of money in future elections. This initiative is funded by the same Corporations and Wealthy Individuals who stand to benefit by its passage.

Proposition 40 – YES

YES on Prop. 40 means no change to current redistricting plans. It simply reaffirms the current California State Senate Redistricting Plan approved by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission as well as the State Senate Maps drawn by the voter- approved Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission.

College Boards

Palomar Community College District

John Halcon, Nancy Ann Hensch, Roberto Rodriguez

San Diego Community College, District B – Bernie Rhinerson

Southwestern College Board, Seat 1 – William Stewart

Southwestern College Board, Seat 3 – Humberto Peraza

School Boards

Cardiff School District – Rick Cassar

Coronado Unified School District – Scott Barr

Poway Unified School Board – Kimberley Beatty

San Diego Unified School District, Seat A- John Lee Evans

San Diego Unified School District, Seat E – Marne Foster

San Diego County Board of Education, District 1 – Gregg Robinson

Sweetwater Union High School Board, District 4 – Bertha Lopez

Local Ballot Measures

City of Escondido Proposition P – NO

Would ban prevailing wages for local workers in Escondido.

Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District Proposition V – YES

Upgrade East County colleges AND improve our economy. ALL funds stay LOCAL.

San Diego Unified School District Proposition Z – YES

San Diego neighborhood school funding that Sacramento can NOT take away.


San Diego Mayor – Bob Filner

Chula Vista City Council, Seat 3 – Pamela Bensoussan

Chula Vista City Council, Seat 4 – Mary Salas

El Cajon City Council – Ben Kalasho

Escondido City Council – Olga Diaz

Lemon Grove City Council – George Gastil, Racquel Vasquez

National City City Council – Alejandra Sotelo-Solis

Oceanside Mayor – Jim Wood

Oceanside City Council – Esther Sanchez


San Diego County Board of Supervisors District 3 – Dave Roberts

Special Districts

Helix Water District, Division 3 – Lori Kern

South Bay Irrigation District, Seat 3 – Jose Preciado

South Bay Irrigation District, Seat 5 – Ernesto Zamudio

Tri-City Healthcare District Board – George Coulter, Charlene Anderson

Paid for by the American Federation of Teachers Guild Local 1931, 3737 Camino del Rio South, #410, San Diego, CA 92108 San Diego and Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College Districts Committee on Political Education. Not authorized by or coordinated with any candidate or any committee controlled by any candidate. ID #901908