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Click Here for AFT Guild Statement on Gaza/Israel, 12/7/2023

Padres 4/28/2024

Punch Bowl Social 4/11/2024

Interns out for March in March Palestine Solidarity

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Supreme Court’s decision endangers our democracy

Today, the Supreme Court fundamentally changed presidential power. After it arrogated power to itself last week in the Chevron case, it has now arrogated more power to a president than the founders ever envisioned. While President Donald Trump is not immune for his...

VEBA – Kaiser Care Away From Home

Dear AFT Guild Kaiser Health Plan Members, Please see the information below from VEBA regarding how to access healthcare when you away from home. In Solidarity, Jim Begin forwarded message: From: Matt Ogden <Matt_Ogden@rpadmin.com> Subject: VEBA - Kaiser Care...

RATIFIED! AFT/GCCCD May 2024 Salary Settlement

Dear AFT Guild GCCCD Members, I am pleased to report that 97% (291) voted to ratify the agreement detailed below, while 3% (9) voted against. New salary rates should show on your June paycheck and you should receive the retroactive amounts no later than your October...

Silence is NOT an Option – 5/21/24

Mental Health Awareness Month Jewish Heritage Month Women's Health Care Month ● According to the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI), negative attitudes and beliefs towards people who live with mental health conditions is pervasive within the U.S. and can be...

District Withdraws its May 9th Proposal

From: Jim Mahler <aftjim@mac.com> Subject: District Withdraws its May 9th Proposal Date: May 17, 2024 at 10:31:25 AM PDT To: Cuyamaca Faculty <CuyamacaFaculty@gcccd.edu>, Grossmont Faculty <GrossmontFaculty@gcccd.edu> Dear AFT Guild GCCCD Members, In...

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