2024 Resource Allocation Formula Settlement- SDCCD Faculty

Dear AFT Guild SDCCD Faculty Members,

I am pleased to announce this year’s Resource Allocation Formula (RAF) distributions just in time for the holidays!

A historic component to this round of allocations is a significant increase in the minimum wage for our lowest paid employees throughout the District to ensure they earn a living wage here in San Diego. Using data from the MIT Living Wage Calculator for the San Diego area, we reached agreement with the District acknowledging that the minimum living wage for a single wage earner is currently $22.31/hour, and for a family of two adults with two children the minimum living wage is $30.58/hour.

Consequently, all NANCE salaries will be raised to ensure none are less than $22.31/hour, and all contract salaries for all bargaining units throughout the District will be increased to at least $30.58/hour, or equivalently, $5,300.53/month.

Acting Chancellor Greg Smith deserves a lion’s share of the credit for these landmark achievements as we would not have reached this settlement without his vision, leadership, and dedication to putting words into practice to ensure equity gaps are reduced wherever they are encountered.

This settlement will also have far reaching implications outside of the SDCCD. Just as non-union workers always benefit due to the gains of strong union settlements in their same industry, having the SDCCD, one of the largest employers in the County, set this new floor as the minimum living wage for workers in San Diego will put pressure on other employers in the region, both public and private, to do the same for their workers. That is what makes this settlement truly historic and we should all be extremely proud to be leading the way here in San Diego.

Other highlights of our settlement for faculty include:

  • 4.22% across the board salary increase on the Tenured/Tenure-Track salary schedule.
  • 4.69% across the board salary increase on the Adjunct/Overload salary schedule. This will put us at 98.9% pro-rata pay for equivalent salary steps.
  • One-time bonus for all faculty equal to 5.54% of all gross earnings earned during the period July 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023 paid out on the March 31, 2024/April 10, 2024 pay cycles.
  • New step on the Adjunct/Overload Salary Schedule, Class 6, Step F, 1% greater than the existing Class 6, Step E.
  • Department Chair reassigned time increase of 0.1 FTEF.
  • Off-campus assignment 10% salary additive.
  • Increased compensation for faculty teaching multiple preparations simultaneously in Language disciplines.
  • Flex pay for faculty with short-term assignments.
  • Two weeks of pay for adjunct faculty with class cancelations within 14 calendar days of their first class meeting.
  • 9 ESUs for the Photography program at City College.
  • Additional reassigned time for the Faculty Evaluation Coordinators.
  • $250,000 augmentation to our retiree healthcare fund to ensure retirees with 15 or more years of service who retire between the ages of 55-64 will have their medical, dental, and vision fully funded until their 65th birthday;

The complete details of the settlement are set forth below, and the updated salary schedules, effective January 1, 2024, can be found at:

Please keep an eye out for your electronic ratification ballot coming to your inbox from: “AFT Guild Local 1931” <invitations@mail.electionbuddy.com>. Your AFT Guild Executive Council emphatically recommends a “Yes” vote on this package. Voting deadline will be this Friday, December 15th, at 3:00pm.

I want to again thank Acting Chancellor Greg Smith and the People, Culture, and Technologies Staff who worked hard on nailing down all the cost-outs necessary to make this settlement possible. I additionally want to acknowledge and extend my gratitude to the efforts of our AFT Guild Executive Council officers who contributed their time and energy to create and then bring this package to fruition.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your continued support of your Union!

In Solidarity,
Jim Mahler, President
AFT Guild, Local 1931

Settlement Details.  All changes effective January 1, 2024 unless otherwise noted:

1)          4.22% across the board salary increase to the Tenured/Tenure-Track salary schedule.

2)          4.69% across the board salary increase to the Adjunct/Overload classroom and non- classroom salary schedules.
3)   One-time bonus for all faculty equal to 5.54% of all gross earnings earned during the period July 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023 paid out on the March 31, 2024 pay cycle.
4)          Create a new Class 6, Step F on the Adjunct/Overload classroom and non-classroom salary schedules 1% above the current Class 6, Step E.
5)          Increase in Department Chair reassigned time by 0.1 FTEF, all except AOJ at Miramar. Business at Miramar increasing by 0.2 FTEF. This new chart (see attached) will replace the current Appendix V of the faculty CBA.
6)          Add a new section, Article VIII, B/C 12.0 to the faculty CBA as follows:
Faculty with in-person assignments not physically located on one of the main college campuses, shall receive a 10% salary additive added to that portion of their salary for the off-campus assignment.

7)          Add a new section, Article VIII, B/C 13.0 to the faculty CBA as follows:

Faculty who teach multiple levels of a language course simultaneously shall be compensated for all levels of the course as if they were different assignments, but with no increase in workload due to the fact that they are being taught simultaneously. For purposes of this section, “Languages” refers to foreign languages, ESL, and AMSL.
8)          Add the following language to Article 7.1.3 of the faculty CBA:
Adjunct faculty shall have a flex obligation equal to the number of weekly assigned classroom hours for a full semester length class as stated in the college catalog. Example: a three hour per week lecture course as stated in the college catalog will have a three hour flex obligation, regardless of the term length of the course. Faculty with classroom assignments not on unit pay of duration greater than four weeks shall have the same flex obligation and will be paid for these additional flex hours on a timesheet.

Modify Article VIII, Section B/C7.1 as follows:

The unit pay remuneration for full semester classes (16-18 weeks) includes the paid time necessary to satisfy the required flex obligation for the full semesterassigned class.
Classes other than a full semester in length do not have a flex obligation, nor do they carry any compensation for flex activities, therefore faculty are also paid atthe greater of 97% (ninety-seven percent) of the unit pay amount or the actual scheduled hours for the class.

9)          Add a new section to the College Faculty CBA as follows:

Adjunct faculty members who have their class cancelled within 14 calendar daysof the first class meeting date shall receive the equivalent of two weeks of pay for that assignment, provided they were not given an additional assignment to make up for the canceled assignment.

10)          Add 9 ESUs for the Photography program in Article VIII, A8.0:

ASSIGNMENT                                                      EXTENDED SERVICE UNITS
(per academic year)
DRAMA/THEATRE                                                                       20.5**
DANCE                                                                                         16.0**
MUSIC PERFORMANCES                                                            24.0**
NEWSPAPER                                                                                5.0
FASHION                                                                                      12.0
SPEECH/DEBATE                                                                         16.0**
ART GALLERY                                                                             9.0
CLUB ADVISOR                                                                           2.0*
CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER DIRECTORS                          6.0
PHOTOGRAPHY                                                                           9.0
11)        Ongoing $250,000 annual increase to the AFT Faculty Retiree Healthcare Fund.  $125,000 to be added on 1/1/2024, $250,000 to be added on July 1, 2024 and every July 1 thereafter.
12)        Update Article 15.1.6 as follows:
15.1.6           Evaluation Coordination

The Faculty Evaluation Coordinator at each campus, if a faculty member, college shallreceive a minimum of 20% (twenty percent) 30% (thirty percent) reassigned time. The Faculty Evaluation Coordinator at Mesa College will receive a minimum of 40% (forty percent) reassigned time.