Priority of Assignment Seniority Lists

An individual college adjunct faculty member’s priority for assignment shall be determined by the date he/she first requested to be included in the Priority of Assignment program within a specific discipline, within the budgetary authority or control of each college. For Continuing Education, this priority of assignment will also be determined by the date he/she first requested to be included in the Priority of Assignment program and will be applicable throughout all Continuing Education sites within the faculty member’s current subject area (as defined by the Continuing Education catalog) and the faculty member’s qualifications.  (Reference Article V of the Collective Bargaining Agreement)

City College


Mesa College

Miramar College

  • Included Departments:
    • Administration of Justice
    • Accounting
    • Anthropology
    • Art
    • Aviation Operations
    • Bank and Finance
    • Biology
    • Business
    • Child Development
    • Communication
    • English
    • ESOL
    • Filipino
    • Health
    • Marketing
    • Math
    • Music
    • Philosophy
    • Political Science
    • Psychology
    • Sociology
    • Spanish


Continuing Ed