Adjunct Equity

AFT1931 Part-time Committee

The purpose of the AFT 1931 part-time Committee is to move forward or help in the facilitation of organizing activities to improve awareness of adjunct working conditions, garner support for initiatives at both the local and legislative level to improve adjunct working conditions.  Further, the committee seeks to better familiarize adjuncts with not only their contractual rights and obligations, but their respective campus cultures and resources to create greater inclusion and connection. Finally, the committee seeks to create more outreach to the larger adjunct community. Comprised mainly of Adjunct Instructors from the colleges of the SDCCD and GCCCD, along with Continuing Education.  The AFT Part-Time committee works to promote adjunct organizing efforts such as Campus Equity Week and Adjunct Action Day, along with participating in adjunct orientations and Site Meetings. Members of the committee are also active within their respective academic senates and have served on negotiating teams in both districts, and several members have served on several statewide CFT Committees, most notably the CFT Part-time and Legislative Committees.  Additionally, the Committee also works with AFTACC, or AFT Adjunct-Contingent Caucus, a nationally based issues caucus within AFT. ...

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