Your Union Colleagues Need Your Help

From: “AFT Higher Education Department” <>

Please Donate Now to the AFT Disaster Relief Fund More than 15,000 of our
fellow AFT members were forced to evacuate their homes due to hurricanes
Katrina and Rita. Thousands of our members still have no homes to return to
(read our story about AFT member Marla Mauffrey
<>, whose home
was destroyed), and in far too many cases, no jobs. In fact, they have
little more than what they could carry with them when they evacuated. In
addition, hundreds of members in Florida also suffered losses as a result of
Hurricane Wilma, which swept through South Florida in late October.

Today, months after the hurricanes, the plight of victims has faded from the
headlines. Their need is greater than ever, however, and we are determined
to show our union brothers and sisters that they have not been forgotten.

That’s why we are asking all AFT members to help with a tax-deductible
donation to the AFT Disaster Relief Fund <> . This
fund provides direct assistance to AFT members who have suffered losses in
these storms.AFT has committed to raising more than $3 million to help our
fellow members in New Orleans and other affected areas get back on their
feet. Many AFT members have already stepped up to the plate‹with
contributions totaling more than $600,000. But we need to do more. That is
why the union has asked every AFT state federation to participate in the
campaign and to meet minimum fund-raising goals based on membership in each

In this holiday season, we ask that you remember our colleagues and their
families who are most in need of our help. If you have not already made a
contribution to the AFT Disaster Relief Fund, please do so today. If you
have already contributed to another organization or charity, we urge you to
dig a little deeper and make an additional contribution.

To make your tax-deductible donation online, go to Note that the online donation form provides a
field to indicate your local/affiliate, so that your donation will count
toward your local or state campaign.