With Corrected link: Transitioning from Anti-Blackness to Pro-BlackWebinar (11/12/2020)

We have purchased a limited number of tickets to this event. If you are interested in attending as a Guild member, please click the appropriate link  below and fill out the required information.  Tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.  You must be an AFT Guild member in good standing to attend if you are not a City College or Mesa College employee.

In Solidarity,

This session will hopefully ignite and activate participants to exercise agency to become individual and institutional change agents!

Please join A2MEND Organization as we moderate a nationwide discussion with Dr. Tommy Curry and Dr. William A. Smith.

This session will include moving beyond compliance measures of assessing institutional accountability. Statements of solidarity acknowledging Black lives matter are a start in the right direction. However the acknowledgement of the humanity and existing of black lives is baseline and the minimum. Scholars and experts will push forth the idea of having a baked in approach as opposed to a sprinkled on take on how to uplift black lives in your respective spaces. Authentic allyship and solidarity work will be explored on how to ensure Black lives are honored, respected and valued, more than just mattering.

The Session is Part 3 the finale of the A2MEND Institute which featured a 3-part webinar series that facilitated thoughtful discourse about Black issues and the systemic underpinning and plight that impacts the nation.

The previous webinars engaged leading scholars and prominent voices from the Black community such as Dr. Cornel West, Dr. Joy DeGruy, Michael Eric Dyson (Sept 26th) and Dr. Tricia Rose, Tamika Mallory, and Ijeoma Oluo (Compounded Oppression:Sister’s Circle on October 24th) to discuss and delve deeper into topics such as economic and educational empowerment, reparations, political thoughts and groups analysis of race relations. Focused on equipping leaders with the tools and frameworks needed to address anti-black racism in California’s community colleges, A2MEND will host debrief consultation sessions. Tune in and Get Ready to Learn, Engage and Enact Systemic Change!