Why You Should Vote YES on Proposition 25

Proposition 25, the Majority Budget Act, has been our signal electoral goal and achievement of this past year.  We helped qualify it for the ballot, AFT VP Jim Miller and other AFT members marched throughout California to ensure it’s qualification, we have been the driving force of the statewide campaign committee, and it is now leading by a good margin in the polls.

Proposition 25 contains three main provisions:
1)  It lowers the threshold to pass the State budget from the current 2/3 to the more democratic simple majority.  This year’s 100 day budget delay could not be better testimonial to the need of this reform.
2)  It maintains the current 2/3 vote requirement to raise taxes.
3)  Legislators permanently forfeit their pay if the budget is late.

Only Arkansas and Rhode Island require more than a simple majority to pass a State budget.  A simple majority budget vote works for 47 other states.  Why not California?

Opponents of Proposition 25 (i.e.; big business) will argue that if Proposition 25 passes your taxes will be raised.  This is patently false.  Both the State Attorney General’s office, and the State Courts have ruled against opponents’ claim that Proposition 25 changes the 2/3 threshold to raise taxes.  Proposition 25 simply makes it easier to pass the budget on time.

Please encourage all of your friends and family members to vote YES on Proposition 25.