Why You Should Vote YES on Proposition 24

Proposition 24 has received less attention than some of the other ballot measures in this election.  However, the impact of Proposition 24 is significant to those of us who work in the public sector.

What Proposition 24 does, in essence, is to roll back the nearly $2.0 billion in extorted tax cuts large corporations have won as a result of needing republican votes to reach the 2/3 threshold to pass the State budget in this and previous budget years.

These tax cuts have had the effect of de-funding public education and other social services while allowing the large corporations to gain more wealth.  This wealth that has not been passed on to middle class families like ours, but instead has been concentrated in the hands of the wealthy elite.

Opponents of Proposition 24 (i.e.; big business) will argue that if Proposition 24 passes businesses will be “forced” to move out of state.  This is simply a scare tactic as these corporations were already in California before these tax breaks were passed.  They simply want to maintain their share of the pie at your expense.

Passage of Proposition 24 will ensure your tax dollars go to fund public education and social services where they belong.  Not into the hands of the corporate elite.

Please encourage all of your friends and family members to vote YES on Proposition 24.