Why You Should Vote NO on Proposition 26

Proposition 26 is another ballot measure that has received less attention than some of the other initiatives in this election.  Beyond all the rhetoric and scare tactics, Proposition 26 is merely just one more attempt to protect the profits of the oil, tobacco, and alcohol industries, especially when they are culpable for societal harm.

What Proposition 26 does, in essence, is to ensure a 2/3 vote is required for any type of fee assessment, even one that would fine an oil company for polluting our beaches or our drinking water.  The ballot measure itself says it all:  “
Fees include those that address adverse impacts on society or environment caused by the fee-payers business.”

Take a look at who’s giving to the YES on 26 campaign:

Anheuser-Busch: $250,000,

Conoco Phillips: $500,000,

Philip Morris: $500,000,

Chevron: $1.25 million.  Need we say more?

Proposition 26 is merely a poorly disguised attempt for big oil, tobacco, and alcohol to get a another free pass from any liability or social responsibility in order to maximize their profits, and thus, those of the wealthy elite who run them.

Please encourage all of your friends and family members to vote NO on Proposition 26.  As socially responsible citizens we deserve better.