According to the New England Journal of Medicine (2003), 45% of clinical diagnosis and treatment are incorrect. Best Doctors, a confidential and free program available to all eligible Southern California Schools VEBA members and their dependents, was started by doctors from Harvard Medical School in 1989 to help patients be sure about their diagnoses and treatment for serious medical conditions.

In the first year that VEBA offered Best Doctors, the program saved or improved the lives of 42 VEBA members who took advantage of this benefit.
Additionally, over $600,000 was saved in unnecessary medical expenses related to misdiagnosis or mistreatment.

Based on an analysis of data from VEBA’s medical insurance company, VEBA believes that there are still 4,000 or more eligible members who may benefit from using the Best Doctors program. Awareness about Best Doctors is key in saving and improving the lives of your colleagues, family and friends, as well as helping to control the quality and cost of health care for all VEBA

Imagine you receive bad news at the doctor’s office – you are seriously ill. The scary questions arise: Is the diagnosis correct? Will the treatment be right? Now, you have the ability to ensure you get the right answers without ever leaving your home. Best Doctors is a free and confidential service available to you as part of the VEBA Advocacy Program. Through the Best
Doctors Check-up, you have access to world-renowned doctors who will work on your case to make sure your diagnosis and treatment are on target. The result could save your life.

THE BEST DOCTORS CHECK-UP. To send your diagnosis through our Best Doctors Check-up, simply call Best Doctors at 1-888-362-8677. One of our nurses is waiting to answer any questions about your current medical situation or our program.