Update on Asylum Seeker Donations


To: AFT Guild 1931 Members


Thank you to everyone who contributed to the quick donation drive! It was very successful.


One load of donations went to the Christ Ministry Center that houses the Safe Harbor Network, where some folks were initially housed. https://www.safeharbors.net/our-programs

And four loads of donations went to Our Lady of Guadalupe where some folks were transitioned to. https://www.olgsd.org/


As reported at the AFT meeting, this is an ongoing issue and the need is great, deep, and complex…one donation drive isn’t enough but it does provide some immediate relief.

Because this is an ongoing need, we will have more donation drives in the future.


In the meantime, we have been asked a lot about where folks can donate money or volunteer time.

To be quite honest, this is a really complex issue with a whole network of organizations working to assist people at all levels from basic needs, to protection from violence, to complex legal matters.


To honor that complexity and encourage your giving, we wanted to provide a list of organizations with a range of places to donate and volunteer.

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Donation Drive  and Fundraisers this weekend – 
Once the donation drive is over this weekend, we will reassess the needs and let you know in the near future about the next donation drive.


General Donation Drive at el Centro Cultural de la Raza

2004 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101

Accepting donations during the following hours:

Friday 12-9pm

Saturday 12-4pm

Sunday at the fandango event listed below 12-5pm

Donation requests include personal hygiene products, canned and dried goods, water, new and gently used  shoes and clothing (all sizes, especially warm clothes and jackets,) and all the good wishes (letters, cards, drawings.)


Shadow Puppet Show and Donation Drive for Detainees and Caravan

Friday, November 9th


Centro Cultural de la Raza

2004 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101


Come enjoy The Birth of the Moon, a Spanish immersion shadow puppet show by Tongues Out Puppets from New Orleans.
Otay Mesa Detention Resistance is the autonomous San Diego committee of Pueblo Sin Fronteras. 100% of the money we raise goes directly to our support of caravan members and detainees.


Fandango para La Caravana Migrante

Sunday, November 11th


Centro Cultural de la Raza

2004 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92101


Accepting donations. Personal hygiene products, canned and dried goods, new and gently used clothing, good wishes (letters, cards, drawings.)

All ages, family friendly, potluck. Come to sing, dance, play and convivir for a good cause.



Always and forever need support – 


  1. Rapid Response Network San Diego

You can read about and donate here: http://www.rapidresponsesd.org/

There is a great need of Spanish speakers to cover different shifts:

-4-8pm to patrol the places where the migrants are being dumped and provide them help with phone calls, food, etc.

-Mornings to transport folks from shelters to bus stations, airports, or train stations.

For folks who want to volunteer and non-cash donations, please contact  – Sandra Alvarado ( salvarado@rapidresponsesd.org ) or Katia Ortiz ( volunteercoordinator@sdop.net )


  1. Alliance San Diego

You can read about and donate/volunteer here in general.  Go here and click on ‘Get Involved’ – http://www.alliancesd.org/

Alliance San Diego Travel Fund for the recent and upcoming families in need – http://www.alliancesd.org/families_travel_fund_q_a


  1. Pueblo Sin Fronteras

You can see their shelter project and donate/volunteer here-  http://www.pueblosinfronteras.org/index.html



INFORMATION about the happenings big picture and locally – 


Interview between Amy Goodman and Noam Chomsky:


Members of Migrant Caravan Are Fleeing from Misery & Horrors Created by the U.S.
As President Trump escalated his attacks and threats against the Central American migrant caravans making their way to the U.S.-Mexico border, the Trump administration unveiled new sanctions against Venezuela and Cuba on Thursday. National security adviser John Bolton declared Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua to be part of a “troika of tyranny” and a “triangle of terror.” We speak with world-renowned professor, linguist and dissident Noam Chomsky about U.S. foreign policy in Central America. He joins us in Tucson, Arizona, where he now teaches at the University of Arizona. Chomsky is also institute professor emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he has taught for 50 years.


Tijuana Shelters Overcrowded

As caravans press north to U.S. border, Tijuana shelters and authorities worry about impact

Sandra Dibble and Kate Morrissey

San Diego Union-Tribune
As thousands of Central Americans continue their northward journeys through Mexico, the prospect of their eventual arrival at the U.S. border has been raising concerns in Tijuana. Shelter capacity in the city is limited, and several facilities already are overcrowded with women and children preparing to petition U.S. authorities for asylum…