Time to Update POA Seniority List (04/19/2021)

Dear SDCCD AFT Guild Adjunct Faculty Members,

The purpose of this email is to remind all of our adjunct faculty colleagues who have completed six semesters or more of teaching (in your particular discipline at your particular college) about the annual updating of the Priority of Assignment (POA) seniority lists per section 5.2.2 of our AFT Guild Faculty Contract.

Every year beginning on April 1st, there is a six-week window of time to review the current, published information regarding your POA status and notify your Dean(s) if there are any discrepancies and/or corrections that need to be made. Now is that time!

Here’s what you want to do:

  • Go to the “Adjunct Benefits” page of our AFT Guild website and click on the POA seniority listing under the heading “San Diego Community College District” for your site.
  • Find your Dean in the far-left column and look for your name in the third column.
  • Inspect the information associated with your name with the following questions in mind:

o   Is your seniority listed correctly?

o   Since last Spring 2020, have you taught additional classes that would increase the FTE average listed for you?

  • If you find anything that needs to be updated or amended, send a detailed email to your Dean and Chair no later than Monday, May 17th that describes the potential changes you think should be made.

If you are a newer adjunct faculty member in your seventh consecutive semester as of Spring 2021 (winter intersessions and summers excluded), you will want to check in with your Dean to make sure you will be included on the updated list and that the information your Dean has for you is correct.

Please feel free to let me or your AFT Guild site representative know if you have any questions.
In Solidarity,
Jim Mahler, President
AFT Guild, Local 1931