The Time Is Now! We Need Your Voice Now More Than Ever!

The San Diego Living Wage Coalition is now counting down to the City Council vote that will impact the fate of thousands of low-wage workers in San Diego.

The living wage proposal will be debated at the full City Council on Tuesday, April 12th at 2pm – only 8 days away! The vote will be close, but with your help, we believe we can make a difference in the lives of families who are struggling to make ends meet.

Please Help! Contact the City Council and voice your support for a living wage for working families.

 Don’t Hesitate! Please take a few minutes to send an email, write a letter, and/or make a phone call!
Mayor Dick Murphy
Phone: 619-236-6330
Fax: 619-236-7228

Councilmember Scott Peters (District 1)
Phone: 619-236-6611
Fax: 619-236-6999

Councilmember Michael Zucchet (District 2)
Phone: 619-236-6622
Fax: 619-236-6996

Councilmember Toni Atkins (District 3)
Phone: 619-236-6633
Fax: 619-595-1481

Councilmember Tony Young (District 4)
Phone: 619-236-6644
Fax: 619-236-7273

Councilmember Brian Maienschein (District 5)
Phone: 619-236-6655
Fax: 619-238-0915
Councilmember Donna Frye (District 6)
Phone: 619-236-6616
Fax: 619-236-7329

Councilmember Jim Madaffer (District 7)
Phone: 619-236-6677
Fax: 619-238-1360

Councilmember Ralph Inzunza (District 8)
Phone: 619-236-6688
Fax: 619-231-7918

Frequently Asked Question of the Day

What is the Current Living Wage Proposal?

The proposed San Diego Living Wage Ordinance calls for service contractors, city facilities employers, and recipients of significant City funds to provide workers with:
        at least $10 an hour
        medical benefits, or $2 an hour additional if no medical benefits are provided
        paid days off
Workers affected by this policy are primarily janitors, security guards, concessions workers, housekeeping, maintenance workers, laundry service workers, parking lot attendants, landscapers, and childcare workers.

Why a Living Wage?

Beyond the legislation, beyond the politics and behind all of our hard work, these are the stories that motivate the San Diego Living Wage Coalition.

Worker: Einstein Navarro, Security Guard

“A living wage could change my life. I can move back to San Diego and get health care for my family and save a little money for my retirement.”

A Gulf War Veteran and former Marine, Einstein Navarro has recently left Barrio Logan because he could not earn enough money to afford rent and still have quality time for his children. Despite having fought for his country, Einstein and his family have been forced to move across the border to Tijuana. Einstein now wakes at 3:30 in the morning in order to get ready for work, cross the border and make it to work by 6:00AM.

His employer, the Wackenhut Corporation, is a multi-national corporation that has a lucrative contract, worth $1,133,890 dollars, with the City of San Diego to provide security for public buildings. Despite the company’s healthy budget, Einstein only makes $9.00 an hour and does not have paid sick days, vacation, retirement or health care.

These are the kinds of jobs that the City of San Diego creates using our tax dollars. We should not allow our tax dollars to force hard working Americans across the border so they can afford rent.

Our postal address is:
3727 Camino del Rio South
Suite 100
San Diego, California 92108
United States

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