The Food and Drug Council Inc. Needs Your Help!

The Food and Drug Council is beginning informational hand billing at the San Diego and Imperial Counties Albertson¹s  grocery stores.

And could use your help!

The Food and Drug Council  is asking us to help take informational hand billing shifts at the 46 Albertson¹s stores located in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

The labor movement needs to step-up and lend a hand to try to let the grocery store chains know that the UFCW and it members are not alone .

They are not asking the public to boycott the store. They are just simply letting the public know that workers at Albertson’s have authorized a strike and informing the public about the issues that brought the workers to this point.

If you would like to sign-up for a shift in your neighborhood or
by your work place ­ Please call (619) 298-7723 .

Please do not just go to your local  store. We have to follow hand billing guidelines, we must obey the law and we must avoid overlapping at stores to be effective.

Please call (619) 298-7723 for more information and to sign-up.