Thank Cingular-For Raising the Bar on Workers’ Rights

Thank Cingular Wireless!

It¹s not every day we have good news to share. But amidst all the layoffs, unionbusting, and offshoring, we wanted to let you know about a company that¹s doing the right thing.

Unlike Wal-Mart or its competitors like Verizon Wireless, Cingular Wireless truly respects its employees, their rights, and their decisions on whether to join a union .

Can you take a minute to thank Cingular for raising the bar on workers¹ rights?  Just click on the link

We don¹t normally ask you to thank a company‹but Cingular sets itself apart from the unionbusting companies we usually talk to you about.  Cingular negotiated its first union contract with the Communications Workers of America (CWA) in 2000, and when doing so, pledged to remain neutral and not interfere with employee organizing efforts.

In other words, Cingular management doesn¹t express an opinion for or against the union if its employees choose to organize.  And unlike the situation faced by too many workers in this country, Cingular workers are completely and totally free to choose to form a union without facing threats, fear, or intimidation.

As a result of Cingular playing fair, nearly 39,000 Cingular employees ‹technicians, customer service representatives, and retail sales workers‹ have chosen to form a union .

Show Your Appreciation to Cingular for Doing the Right Thing 

You know how bad unionbusting in the workplace can be‹and what retaliation workers face just for showing an interest in a union.  But Cingular suggests that there is another way.  The nation¹s most popular cell phone company proves that fair labor policies and financial success aren¹t mutually exclusive.

Also, AFL-CIO members can receive a special 5% discount on service from Cingular, click here for details: 

Tell Cingular You Value Their Stance on Workers¹ Rights