Take Back Your Name!

Dear Colleagues:

Were you asked to sign a petition for “pension reform”?  If so, you were being deceived by a paid campaign to leave firefighters, lifeguards, 911 operators, construction workers and other city workers without Social Security or any other fixed income for their retirement.

But there’s good news: You can take back your name!

Under state law, you can withdraw your name if you mistakenly signed this petition. Here’s how:

1.      Write a letter stating: “I am writing to withdraw my name from the petition to qualify the ballot initiative called Comprehensive Pension Reform Initiative for San Diego.”
2.      Sign the letter.  Make sure to include your name, signature and address.
3.      Mail the letter to:
City Clerk
202 “C” Street, MS-2A
San Diego, CA 92101

Please write the letter and mail it in as soon as possible.

Thank you for supporting Social Security for our public servants!