Spring 2023 AFT Guild Get Active-Includes AFT Guild History Piece (02/08/2023)

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Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to share with you the first Spring 2023 edition of the AFT Guild’s Publication Get Active.

Of particular interest is a special “In Focus” piece by Professor Emeritus Jonathan McLeod, “The AFT Guild Story: Our Union’s History and the Urgency of Engaging for the Struggles Ahead.”  In this piece, Dr. McLeod, the current President of the Guild’s Retiree Chapter, provides us with a pocket history of our local that gives us all a sense of how the Guild formed, grew, and evolved over the years as well as what some of our seminal accomplishments have been.

We owe Dr. McLeod a debt of gratitude for painstakingly researching and outlining the history of our local and what it has meant for us all in terms of economic gains and advances in workplace rights.

In addition to Dr. Jonathan McLeod’s history of AFT 1931, this edition also includes the following news items:

*CFT-Sponsored Wealth Tax Re-Introduced in Assembly

*Lessons from the Picket Line at UC: Young Workers Offer Hope

*San Diego Janitors Strike for Basic Rights in their Workplace

*Reproductive Rights are Worker Rights

*In Brief: Railroad Strike, Warehouse Workers Ordinance, Nurses Strike, Supreme Court Ruling on the Right to Strike.  

All of these stories can be found here: https://aftguild.org/get-active

In Solidarity,
Jim Mahler, President
AFT Guild, Local 1931