Spooky Business Behind Prop. C Donation

Proposition C swings the doors of City Hall wide open to corruption. Mayor Jerry Sanders asks voters to trust that he won’t step through that door.

It looks like he has already.

Sanders’ campaign to pass Prop C has received almost $1 million from business interests hoping for a piece of the lucrative city contracts it will bring.

The biggest single donation — $50,000 – came from developer Doug Manchester. One week after Manchester plopped that cash into the Yes on Propositions B and C campaign, Sanders’ staff cleared away a major obstacle to Manchester’s huge Navy Broadway development.

Matthew T. Hall, of the San Diego Union-Tribune uncovered this story last week:

After $50,000 donation, waterfront deal advanced

No corruption there, Sanders told the newspaper. Just a coincidence. “It is what it is.”

It is what it looks like. And it’s the wrong way to run the city’s business. If approved next Tuesday, Prop C will bring more of this style of corruption to San Diego.

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