Social Media Blitz for Adjunct Healthcare Trailer Bill (07/26/2022)

Hello All,

I hope you are well.

For our social media blitz, a new post is ready to be shared on all 3 platforms ( Here are two ongoing links for the social media blitz to support trailer bill advocacy:

As you know, we recently secured $200 Million in ongoing funding in the CA budget for districts to be reimbursed their expenditures related to part-time faculty healthcare at a rate of 50% (matching dollars) – due in large part to great work by locals such as yourselves!

Now, the CFT is now engaged in lobbying efforts to pass a critical trailer bill that will raise this 50% cap on reimbursements, making even more funds available for districts to expand part-time faculty healthcare. Primarily we are engaging in social media support for this effort, with 10-15 posts over the next 2-3 weeks – via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

As leaders and/or social media point people for your locals, we are asking you to please amplify these posts as much as possible – with your local union accounts, and also among your members if possible – following the below instructions.


  1. Please share posts widely(approx. 10-15 over 2-3 weeks), and feel free to use or edit sample captions;
  2. Be sure to tag all three targets– Gov. Newsom, Sen. Atkins, and Asm. Rendon;
  3. Be sure to use the campaign hashtagto help us track our reach (#facultyhealthcarenow)

For links to share this post (and future posts) on all 3 platforms, and instructions for tagging (Newsom, Rendon and Atkins) and using hashtags (#FacultyHealthcareNow), please visit this link – which we will use on an ongoing basis:

I am planning to share this info with some member activists directly via email and Hustle as well.

Thank you and have a great week,
Chase Golding
Part-time Faculty Campaign Coordinator
Los Angeles County Office
2550 N Hollywood Way, Suite 400
Burbank, CA 91505
P: (310) 962-1717