Silence is NOT an option – (7/28/2020)

1) School police give way to more counselors in California districts as demands grow for reform.  Mental health services are key to helping young people, especially Black students, succeed, studies say.  Read more…

2) Scientists have published the largest DNA study to date of people with African ancestry in the Americas.  The results are a sobering look at the past.  The report, by scientists from the consumer genetics company 23 and Me, included more than 50,000 people, 30,000 of them with African ancestry. Much of the findings corresponded with the historical record, but there were some surprises.  For example, U.S. participants showed significant Nigerian ancestry, though the historical record does not show evidence of enslaved people arriving directly in the U.S. from Nigeria. One theory is that enslaved people were sent from Nigeria to the British Caribbean, and then further traded to the U.S.  Another disturbing finding: While 60 percent of the arriving enslaved Africans were men, it was mostly enslaved women who contributed to the current gene pool — in some areas far more. Enslaved men often died before they had a chance to have children.  Enslaved women were often raped and forced to have children.

3) LinkedIn Learning is offering eight of their courses focused on unconscious bias, becoming a stronger ally, engaging in inclusive conversations, and improving inclusiveness free of charge through the end of 2020.   You may access these free courses by following this link: LinkedIn Learning eight free courses.

4) Take the Next Step Toward Racial Justice.  

This incipient movement risks being reduced to a fleeting instant of heightened consciousness.

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5) Join KPBS and the National Conflict Resolution Center’s Community Conversation on Thursday, July 30th, at 6:00pm for a follow-up dialogue on the issues surrounding police reform, where a vision for law enforcement and community relations will be discussed. All residents of San Diego County and law enforcement officers/deputies are invited to attend.  Click here to register.

6) Resources for Coping with Race Related Trauma: