Silence is NOT an option – 12/16/20 (12/16/2020)

Silence is NOT an option will be taking a holiday break and will return the week of January 18th.

1) ‘Is Austin on Your List?’: Biden’s Pentagon Pick Rose Despite Barriers to Diversity

With retired Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III’s nomination to be the first Black defense secretary, the Pentagon comes face to face with its record as a place where people of color struggle to climb. Read more…

2) New Report on Black Student Suspensions out from SDSU
Among the most concerning findings are that Black boys in kindergarten through third grade are 10.4 times more likely to be suspended than their peers (statewide).

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3) Black Ballerina, Playing a Swan, Says She Was Told to Color Her Skin
“I really hesitated about this because the ballet world is so small, and I’m scared I will never get another job, but I want things to change; there are so few Black ballet dancers, and I don’t want small Black girls to think, ballet isn’t for me.”  Read more…

4) Under the Mask, the Next Batman Will Be Black
In a new comic written by John Ridley, who wrote “12 Years a Slave,” the new Batman will be revealed as Tim Fox, the son of a business associate of Bruce Wayne.  Read more…

5) Resources for Coping with Race Related Trauma: