Short Documentary on Early Years of Domestic Workers United (4/07/2021)

Dear AFT Guild Members,

Care workers–like nurses, teachers, social workers, domestic workers, etc.–have historically been at the forefront of movements for social justice, although they are seldom given that credit. This three part series will focus on movements of care workers that exemplify how structural disadvantage can be used to leverage collective power and dismantle structures of social inequity.

This Friday, April 9th, from 12-1pm we’ll meet on Zoom to watch an independently made, short documentary about the early years of Domestic Workers United, an organization of Caribbean, Latina, and African nannies, housekeepers, and elder caregivers in New York. The documentary is called In Our Care; please RSVP here and spread the word by forwarding along the flyer below.

We hope you will attend!  Please encourage your students to register and attend as well.

Brought to you by the Mesa College Sociology Department in collaboration with NextUP and FAST Scholars, with support from the Humanities Institute.

In Solidarity,