SDCCD Faculty – Initial Contract Proposal for Period 7/1/18 – 6/30/21

Dear SDCCD Faculty Colleagues,

Based on the input we have received from you, and after nearly a year of work from your AFT Guild Executive Council faculty members, I am pleased to present to you an initial draft of what will become our proposal to the District to begin negotiations for a successor agreement to our current contract which is due to expire at the end of this academic year.

Please find below the highlights of our proposed changes, and attached please find the draft proposal in its entirety.  Note that these proposals are largely non-economic in nature as all economic items will be addressed next fall through our resource allocation (RAF) process.

Our tentative plan will be to present this proposal to the Board of Trustees sometime in April, so there is still plenty of time for you to let us know if there are any items you would like to see included or changed in this draft proposal.  Please feel free to send any such suggestions to me or to any of your SDCCD AFT Guild faculty representatives.

We feel that these proposals all continue to advance our faculty rights in important ways.  Thanks in advance for your continued support in keeping our Union strong!

In Unity,


Jim Mahler, President

AFT Guild, Local 1931




AFT Guild, Local 1931

Summary of Proposed Changes to SDCCD Faculty Contract

for the term July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2021


  1. Clarifies that faculty in an acting or interim managerial role are out of the faculty bargaining unit for the duration of that assignment.


  1. Requires inside locking doors or alternative safety locking mechanism that would keep students and faculty safe in the event of a physical threat of violence no later than July 1, 2019.
  2. Establishes a minimum of one Community Service Officer at each Continuing Education Campus, ten at each City College and Mesa College, and six at Miramar College during all hours the particular site is open to the public.



  1. Updates binding arbitration language to comply with Code of Civil Procedure §1286.2.
  2. Applies binding arbitration to all grievances.


  1. Requires 15 day notice of all assignments prior to start date.
  2. Clarifies that load maximum is 67% during any one academic year.
  3. Assignments to be scheduled in such a way to minimize the amount of driving necessary to fulfill work obligations.
  4. Sets Priority of Assignment (POA) seniority date as initial date of hire in discipline.
  5. Makes POA status automatic after successful completion of six semesters.
  6. Notification of assignment cancellation must be within two working days of the cancellation.
  7. One week of pay for the cancellation of any assignment once an assignment offer has been made.
  8. Two weeks of pay for the cancellation of any assignment if the cancellation happens less than one week prior to the start of the semester.
  9. Clarifies retirement/POA options.
  10. Maintenance of POA rights if class cancellation takes place subsequent to issuance of TAO.
  11. No class closure allowed while adjunct faculty member out on sick leave.
  12. More closely aligns all POA provisions between college and CE.
  13. District annual notification to AFT of adjunct work areas on each campus.
  14. Allows college/CE and classroom/non-classroom combination assignments.
  15. Mandates a minimum of six adjunct faculty to be interviewed for each tenure-track position opening.


  1. Computing equipment must be less than three years old.
  2. Access codes to be provided for printing confidential information on shared printers.
  3. Lactation rooms with adequate accoutrements to make for a safe and hygienic space.
  4. Maintenance of SDCCD email address and parking permit upon retirement.
  5. No reserved parking spaces allowed in faculty/staff lots.
  6. Adequate personnel (Parcaderos) provided to monitor for proper permits in faculty/staff lots during first two weeks of the semester.


  1. Alignment of all CE/College non-classroom faculty assigned hours.
  2. Class cap of 25 for any course for which the official course outline requires at least 6,000 words of graded, written work.
  3. Multiple unique course preparations assigned concurrently to be compensated as if the member taught each unique preparation separately (e.g., assigned to teach Italian III & IV at same time in same room, need to be paid for each Italian III and IV as if they were taught as separate classes).
  4. Limits on summer and intersession assignments in college programs to ensure fair distribution of assignments among contract and adjunct faculty.
  5. Online class sections not to exceed on-campus enrollment cap maximums.
  6. Compensation must be provided for any online related mandatory trainings.
  7. Faculty teaching online for the first time shall receive an additional stipend of four ESUs.


  1. Updates Tenure and Promotional Review Committee and CAP language to reflect current practices.
  2. Increases ESUs for head coaches.
  3. Increases number of paid Assistant Coaches for Swimming and Track & Field.
  4. Mandates compensation for adjunct faculty performing shared governance committee work.


  1. Ensures all chairs of non-classroom departments to be assigned on an 11-month basis.
  2. Updates reassigned time for CE Program Chairs and Assistant Program Chairs.
  3. Allows college adjunct faculty with more than six semesters of service to vote in Department Chair elections.
  4. Allows adjunct faculty with POA to run for Program Chair or Assistant Program Chair in CE.
  5. Adds election procedures for Council of Chairs and Coordinators at each campus.
  6. AFT to adjudicate disputes in the elections processes for Chairs.


  1. Aligns qualifications rules between CE and college adjunct faculty.
  2. Allows adjunct faculty with less than a 50% FTEF load partial paid access to healthcare benefits.
  3. Includes CE tenured faculty in AFT post-retirement benefits pool.
  4. Allows all retirees currently receiving benefits to optionally purchase District dental and vision benefits after age 65.
  5. Increases dual-coverage stipend waiver to $1,500, and indexes it for inflation.
  6. Allows adjunct faculty to participate in all pre-tax Flex plans, equal to contract faculty.


  1. Provides for fully paid maternity leave.
  2. Updates legislative leave provisions to comply with current Ed Code.
  3. Updates parental leave provisions to comply with current Ed Code.
  4. Expands catastrophic leave donations to 64 hours per fiscal year.


  1. Increases Academic Senate reassigned time to 3.0 FTEF per senate.


  1. Updates Tenure and Promotional Review Committee and CAP language to reflect current practices.
  2. Variety of technical changes to comply with current practices.
  3. Places CE counselors within the evaluation purview of CE.
  4. Prompt notification to evaluee of committee actions and reviews.
  5. Clarifies required submission items for adjunct evaluees.


  1. Makes adjunct faculty eligible for sabbaticals.
  2. Places CE counselors within the professional development purview of CE.


  1. Updates legal language in light of upcoming US Supreme Court ruling.
  2. Provides for maintenance of membership language.


  1. Three year agreement:  July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2021.


  1. Updated evaluation forms for librarians and mental health counselors.