Scary Facts for Halloween Week

BOO!  Not scared yet?

Did you know that over the past twenty years or so per capita prison spending in California has gone up 126% while per capita spending on higher education has declined 12%?

Did you know that the Golden State will soon spend more on prisons than higher education?

Did you know that there are some politicians that have long advocated for “strategic deficits” as a way to kill the public sector?  They called this strategy “starving the beast” and now they see the opportunity to kill it off more quickly by refusing to raise any revenues at the expense of education and social services across the board.  Unless we raise revenues in California and/or reform the 2/3rds requirement to raise taxes and pass a budget, the only options for solving the problem are:

*Even more draconian cuts to education, health care, social services, parks, etc.;

*Closing the doors of educational opportunity to hundreds of thousands of students by limiting access and raising tuition;

*Cutting your health benefits;

*Reducing after your wages;

*Outsourcing our jobs and eliminating services;

*Making the scarcity model the permanent state of affairs for California’s public sector for generations to come.

Sound like fun?  We didn’t think so.  That’s why we need everyone to come on out to the rally this Thursday, October 29th at 3:00 in Balboa Park at the intersection of President’s Way and Park Boulevard and let your voice be heard!  If we just sit back and take it quietly, neither our interests or those of our students will be served.  Come out and Fight for California’s Future this Thursday!