Save the Date – Feb. 24 San Diego Day of Action

Dear Colleagues,

Please mark you calendar for this important action on Saturday February 24th at 3:30 at Convention Center Park downtown.  See details in flyer below.


San Diego will be one of only 10 cities across the country where, on the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s visit to the Memphis Sanitation Workers strike, we will stand with other union workers and allies from across the city and state to insist on our right to come together in strong unions and have a voice in the workplace and in American democracy.  As we face a new assault from wealthy special interests in the form of the pending U.S. Supreme Court ruling which will weaken union power, we will come together to show that we won’t be divided and will continue to fight for equitable pay, health care for all, quality public education, and a democracy where everyone has a say.


We hope that as many of you as possible can donate 90 minutes of your time on February 24th to show support for your union rights and the role they play in building a better, more egalitarian country.  We also encourage you to invite family members, friends, and students because the struggle to defend the rights of working people is about all of us demanding a future where everyone has dignity in the workplace and in the larger society.


In Unity,