San Diego 24-Hour Worker Occupational Safety and Health SpecialistTraining

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Become a Worker Safety and Health Specialist!

The UCLA Labor Occupational Safety and Health (LOSH) Program in collaboration with the San Diego City College (SDCC) Labor Studies Department is offering a 24-Hour Specialist Training on Worker Occupational Safety & Health and Leadership Development for staff of private companies and public agencies, and for worker leaders in unions, worker centers and community organizations, on February 4th, February 11th, and February 25th, 2017.

Skills to be learned include how to:

  • Identify and control a full range of hazards and unsafe working conditions
  • Recognize elements of an Illness and Injury prevention Program, Cal/OSHA’s IIPP
  • Conduct root-cause analysis and develop strategies to take successful action.
  • Communicate effectively about health and safety with employers.
  • Participate in effective workplace health and safety committee.
  • Effectively access to Cal/OSHA and Worker’s Compensation resources.

Based on principles of adult education and aimed at developing leadership skills, this course is participatory and practice-based. Participants are considered co-learners with teachers who facilitate a dialogue within a safe learning environment. Participants receive:

  • A Resource Workbook and access to LOSH English/Spanish Resource Library.
  • Opportunity to share ideas and strategies with WOSH Specialists from other industries through yearly newsletters, refreshers and other events as we build local networks.
  • A State Certificate of Completion as a WOSH Specialist for attending all 3 days (24 hours) of class.
  • Technical assistance and support from LOSH to help you implement an action plan!

To register with SDCC:

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Course name: Labor Studies 123A: Occupational Safety and Health (CRN: 65250)

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