Revision 112, 2007-2008 Academic Calendar


Attached please find the latest revision to the 2007-08 calendar.  As a result of your survey responses, noteworthy changes from my last communiqué include:

Spring semester start date moved back to Monday, January 28th (80% in favor of this);

No classes on Tuesday/Wednesday of Thanksgiving week, Fall semester to end on Wednesday, December 18th (54% in favor of this);

Admissions Day holiday to be observed on Wednesday before Thanksgiving (60% of staff in favor of this).

(note:  December 24/31 are indeed holidays, but for some technical reason can’t be shown shaded in.)

Also, campuses will have the ability to offer online or in-class intersession courses as they feel best meets their program needs.  It’s strongly encouraged to not schedule in-class sections that overlap with the start of the Spring Semester.

As always, please feel free to send me your feedback regarding this new version.

In Unity,


Projected Calendar