Dear AFT Guild members,

In addition to the great fun detailed below, we are pleased to announce that there will be $2 beers available!  What more could you ask for?!  Get your tickets now by clicking here!

Please consider joining your colleagues and inviting friends and family to our first ever AFT Guild 1931 sponsored San Diego Gulls Hockey 🏒🥅  night on Friday, November 9th!  Face off is at 7:00 pm, and we’ll arrange for some fights in the parking lot after the game if you didn’t get your fill during the action! 😳

We’ll have folks there who can enlighten you as to what you are seeing:  icing, roughing, high sticking, hooking, off side, changing players on the fly and, our favorite penalty, embellishment if you are new to the game.  😁

Please buy your tickets using this link to get to our ticket sales page and then use the invite friends feature or forward this e-mail to others.  We are sitting in section 10.  You have your choice of Terrace or Lower Bowl seats.


Please contact our hockey night coordinator Berta “The Hammer” Harris <> if you have any questions.


Hope to see you there!


In Unity,