AFTGuild to Begin Process of Recall for Governor Schwarzenegger

From: Jim Mahler <>
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 23:27:42 -0700
Subject: We Need Your Help re: Recalling Schwarzenegger

Our local (AFT 1931) is going to begin the recall process for Schwarzenegger.  Here’s why we think it can work and why we must do it:

1)  We have done the preliminary research as to what this would take.  We would need to gather approximately 1 million signatures statewide.  That number sounds daunting, except when you take into account that the total number of PERS and STRS members (active and retired) exceeds 2 million.  Also, the number of workers affiliated with the California Labor Federation exceeds 2.1 million.  (Yes, there is some overlap between these two groups.)  The point is, if we only gather signatures from the workers being directly attacked by Schwarzenegger, we can exceed the 1 million mark.  If each of them gets some signatures from friends and family members, we’re way over the top.

2)  Instead of gathering petitions in the usual “standing in front of the supermarket” manner, we send copies of the petitions to each of the above mentioned members asking them to complete and return.

3)  We will need to enlist the support of PERS, STRS, and all of the statewide and local unions to accomplish this task.  I think this is doable because these are the folks that are being attacked and who are angry.

4)  At the same time that we are out distributing our “Do Not Sign” anti-initiative fliers, we can be collecting recall signatures.

5)  Our local has the ability to complete all of the pragmatic and legal pieces of this process.  All we will need from other groups will just be signature gathering.  (For more legal information you can click here:

6)  As we start this process and it gathers support, it will completely change the entire dynamic of the current debate.  Instead of just worrying about his initiatives passing, now Schwarzenegger also has to worry about his own election.  Maybe now he doesn’t call a special election as planned.

7)  This will also completely shift the focus of the debate so that working people are now in control of, rather than reacting to, a plan for change.

8)  The campaign theme:  “California Needs a Real Governor, Not a Stand-In.”

We are going forward with the required legal process to get this recall rolling.  At this point I just need to know which of you would be willing to perform the function of sending out and collecting petitions to/from your members so we can co-ordinate with you.

If you’re willing to help gather signatures, please send me your local’s contact information.  Whether you want to help or not, constructive criticism is always welcome.

In Unity,
Jim Mahler
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