RATIFIED! – Resource Allocation Formula Tentative Agreement for 2023 – SDCCD Classified Professionals(12/19/2022)

Dear AFT Guild Classified Professional Members,

I am pleased to report that 309 ballots were submitted out of 648 eligible voters (48%) with 98.06% (303) voting in favor of our settlement, and 1.94 % (6) voting against ratification.

The details of the agreement are reprinted below for your reference. (However, due to some unforeseen hiccups with the changes in the shift differential language for our Maintenance & Operations members, we will not be implementing any contractual changes relating to shift differentials until we can study this more closely with the District after the winter break and ensure no one will be adversely affected.)

I truly thank all of you for your steadfast support of your Union and I wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season and a restful winter break!

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Final Classified Count

Just in time for the holidays, I am pleased to announce that we have reached agreement with the District on the economic provisions of our Resource Allocation Formula for 2023 for all AFT Guild Classified Professional unit members!

The elements of this new compensation package, all effective January 1, 2023, include:

1) A 5.06% across the board salary increase for all job classifications. (See new salary schedule attached.)

2) A one-time, off-schedule payment equivalent to 5.41% of all gross wages earned during the period July 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022. This payment will be paid out on the March 31, 2023 payroll cycle.

3) A change in placement on the Classified Professionals salary schedule such that no employee will earn less than the equivalent of $22.00 per hour (see shaded steps on new salary schedule).

4) An increase in the vacation accrual rate for our newest employees such that those employees with less than 5 years of service will accrue vacation at the rate of 16 days per year, up from the current rate of 12 days per year.

5) A change in the contract language regarding Overtime, Shift Differentials, and Promotions such that all sub-groups (Food Service/Maintenance & Operations/Office-Technical) within the Classified Professionals bargaining unit will be treated the same. (See attached contract language changes.)

6) Work Boot and Safety Glasses allowance provided to Food Service and Office-Technical job classifications as currently exists for M&O job classifications for those job classifications where safety is an issue.

I would like to thank Executive Vice-Chancellor Bonnie Dowd, Vice-Chancellor Greg Smith, and Acting Employee Relations Director Rachel Wilker for their diligent efforts in finalizing all of these allocations and cost-outs in order that we could reach a final agreement.

I also want to recognize our AFT Guild negotiating team members whose contributions made all of these gains possible: Jessica Aguilar, Molly Broene, Ana Fuentes, Kristina Gomez, Carmen Martinez, Cleon Platts, LaKeita Platts, Eva Parrill, Danielle Short, Tina Solórzano, Brenda Torres, Gerald Vanderpot, Carlota Vidrio, Robin Watkins, Robert Wilmer.

It is because of the support from all of our members that we were able to achieve these settlements. Unlike other workers who we see having to continue to go on strike to settle their contracts, we were able to reach a peaceful agreement without any type of strife or threat of job actions. These types of agreements are not reached by chance, they only happen by virtue of our continued strong Union presence and the good labor relations we enjoy with the District’s leadership team.

Please know that we will continue to commit our time, knowledge, and experience to improve our wages and maintain our access to affordable health care and respectable working conditions. I have no doubt we will continue to be successful with your continued support. If you are a newer employee or have not yet had a chance to join your union, you can do so by clicking here and completing the online membership form.

Please keep an eye out on your inbox for electronic ratification ballots which will be arriving soon from “Election Buddy.” I am pleased that we were able to provide these improvements to all of you and I look forward to our continued mutual success.

In Solidarity,


Jim Mahler, President
AFT Guild, Local 1931
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