Protecting Our Image or Protecting Jobs?

First in a series…

You have heard a lot from the District lately regarding protecting contract jobs.  You have also heard a lot regarding the threat of layoffs.  Doesn’t make sense, does it?

If you live within the District boundaries like I do, you probably recently received the 100 page schedule of classes in the US mail.  The District insists on continuing to mail this schedule out, at an annual cost of approximately $750,000, despite the facts that:

1) The District-wide Budget committee voted to stop it;

2)  The District Governance Council was opposed to it;

3)  The printed schedule is out of date as soon as it is mailed;

4)  Our classes are filling at a record 98% fill rate, and we are turning away students by the thousands;

5)  All students must go online to enroll and sign up for classes.

So why does this matter?  $750,000 equals 15 full-time entry level classified positions or 200 adjunct class sections.

We are being assured that contract jobs are being protected, while simultaneously being threatened with layoffs.  It all adds up to only one truth:

The current budget crisis is being used by the District as a smokescreen to squeeze concessions from employees.

Don’t give in to District scare tactics.  We’re not.

In Solidarity,

Jim Mahler, President
AFT Guild, Local 1931