Props. 75/76=No More Checks and Balances

In the last election the Governor was unable to win even one legislative seat he campaigned on behalf of.  He has been equally ineffective in trying to convince the public he is correct on his issues as his approval rating continues to steadily decline with more than two-thirds of Californians rating him as unsatisfactory.  He also has not been able to compromise with the legislature on education and budget issues.

So what do you do when you¹re an action hero and you¹re always used to the ³happy ending² where you always ³win²?  You call a special election and attempt to change the system to eliminate the ability of your opponents to argue with you in the public arena and suspend the legislature’s ability to check your proposed spending cuts.

If Proposition 75 passes, teachers and other public sector workers won’t be able to run media campaigns to fight back against the Governor’s own perpetual flashy Hollywood-style campaigns.

When it comes to the budgetary process, Prop. 76 would give Arnold the ability to declare a “fiscal emergency,” suspend  Proposition 98 guarantees, and do an end-run around the political process.  These “reforms” are in the service of top-down, undemocratic governance.

We need to protect the checks and balances in the system.

Please tell all of your friends and family members to VOTE NO on Props. 75 and 76 on Nov. 8th.