NO on Proposition 32: “A fraud to end all frauds”


California Labor Federation

Proposition 32: “A fraud to end all frauds”

LA Times columnist Michael Hiltzik didn’t mince words when he described Prop 32 in last Sunday’s paper. He called it out for what it is: “a lie” and “a fraud to end all frauds.”
“In this state, we’ve come to expect ballot initiatives sponsored by business interests to be, essentially, frauds. But it’s hard to conceive how one could be more fraudulent than Proposition 32. If there was any doubt left that the initiative process has been totally corrupted by big business and the wealthy, this should put it to rest for all time.”
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Hiltzik’s incisive and in-depth look at all of the the big-money interests behind Prop 32 — as well as all of the hidden exemptions for those exact same corporate special interests and billionaires — led him to this eye-opening conclusion:
“The message the perpetrators of Proposition 32 are sending to you, the California voter, is that they think you’re stupid. Really, really stupid. When you go to the voting booth or fill out your mail ballot this November, stop for a moment and ponder this question: Should I hand over my vote to people who think of me that way?”
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