Protect Prop. 98 Protest/Rally

On behalf of the San Diego Education Coalition, you are cordially invited toa demonstration/picket at the downtown freeway on-ramps on Monday, May 9th from 4-6PM to protest the Governor’s attempt to change the Proposition 98 education minimum funding guarantee which was approved by the voters.Our local has been assigned the G street on-ramp to the east bound freeway94.  We will gather on the sidewalks and hold signs for the commuters andmedia to see.  You can bring your own sign or we will have one for you.For more information, see the attached flier.The California Education Coalition is made up of 15,500 schooladministrators, 4,000 school finance managers, 58 County Superintendents ofSchools, the 90,000-member California Federation of Teachers, the 1,000members of the California School Boards Association, more than 230,000members of the California School Employees Association, more than 1 millionparents, teachers and students in the California PTA, more than 330,000educators in the California Teachers Association, and more than 50,000
school employees in the Service Employees International Union.
Hope to see you there!

May 9th Event