Prop. 75 and the myth of “Choice”

The big money backers of Proposition 75 claim they are just giving union members a choice about how their dues are spent, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Teachers and other public sector workers are already protected by a Supreme Court decision which ensures their right to object to the political usage of their dues simply by writing a letter to their union.  They are also free to attend meetings and vote on issues and/or run for union offices themselves.

In the San Diego Community College District Prop. 75 would apply to less than 2 percent of our members and severely hamper the free speech rights of the other 98 percent of employees who support the union¹s political expenditures on such things as Board of Trustee campaigns to ensure we maintain a worker friendly Board.

Tellingly, the Governor was not concerned with “free choice” when firefighters were recently forced against their will to stand behind him at a photo opportunity.  The truth is that Proposition 75 is not about giving you choice, it’s about telling teachers and other public sector workers to shut up.

Please tell all of your friends and family members to VOTE NO on Proposition 75 on November 8th!