Prop. 55 Press Conference, Wednesday, 8/24 at 1:00 at SD City College

Dear Colleagues,

Please join us for a press conference kicking off the Prop. 55 campaign to extend Prop. 30 in order to continue adequately funding education in California on Wednesday 8/24 at 1:00 on the steps of the B Building at City College (Park Blvd. and A Street).Speakers to include:

Dr. Jim Miller, Professor City College/AFT MC

·      San Diego Community College District Chancellor Dr. Constance Carroll

·      Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District Chancellor Dr. Cindy Miles

·      Dr. Kelly Mayhew, San Diego City College Professor

·      San Diego Unified School District Trustee Sharon Whitehurst Payne

·      San Diego Community College District Trustee Peter Zschiesche

·      Lindsay Burningham, President, San Diego Education Association

·      San Diego City College President, Denise Whisenhunt

·      San Diego City Councilman David Alvarez

·      CSEA speaker—likely confirmed

·      SD Alliance speaker—Christopher Wilson

·      Student

For more info. on Prop. 55 visit

In Unity,

Jim Mahler, President
AFT Guild, Local 1931

San Diego & Grossmont-Cuyamaca

Community Colleges