Please Act Now! Stop the Corporate Takeover of our Public Schools!





URGENT: Contact members of the Assembly Education Committee and urge them to vote YES on AB 406 – the bill that would prohibit corporations from siphoning off hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars from students for corporate profits.


Assembly Bill 406 (McCarty) would prohibit charters from operating as, or being operated by, a for-profit corporation, a for-profit Educational Management Organization (EMO) or a for-profit Charter Management Organization (CMO).  The bill will be heard in the Assembly Education Committee on Wednesday, May 10, 2017.


Please contact the key members of the Assembly Education Committee and urge them to vote YES on AB 406.  It is time to stop the corporate takeover of our public schools.


  • Dr. Shirley Weber (San Diego) 916.319.2079 (Critical Vote)
  • Todd Gloria (San Diego) 916.319.2078 (Critical Vote)




  • We must put an end to corporate America’s attempts to privatize our public schools.


  • Corporations are siphoning off hundreds of millions of dollars of public money away from students for profits.


  • Charter schools run by for-profit corporations have dismal student performance. The largest for-profit Education Management Company (EMO) in California is K-12 Inc.  Their average graduation rate is 40%, while the statewide average is nearly 80%.


  • K-12 Inc. is publically traded on Wall Street. In 2016, according to their Annual Report, they made $872 million in revenue – $89 million of which was profit. They make hundreds of millions of dollars from taxpayers with little to no transparency or accountability.


  • In 2016, the largest for-profit EMO, K-12 Inc., which has received over $310 million of taxpayer money over the last 12 years, settled a lawsuit filed by the state of California for $168.5 million over claims that the corporation manipulated attendance records and overstated students’ success.


  • They pay their top executives millions of dollars in compensation while the average teacher salary in their schools is $36,000 per year.


  • AB 406 will put an end to the privatization and corporatization of our public schools.


Vote YES on AB 406 in Assembly Education Committee on 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017.