Potential Changes to Email Policy/Use


The attached DRAFT document was shared and discussed at the District Governance Council meeting on Wed, 4/18/07.

Committee members were asked to share the attached DRAFT document with their constituency members for information, discussion, consultation and input.

The main changes being considered have to do with restricting access to the DL email lists.  Here’s a summary of the main recommendations:

b. Classify specific or larger DLs as special-use DLs
c. Modify the name of the special-use DLs to include ³(approval required)² in title to remind users of the special approval and use procedures.
d. Special use DLs require Special Approval and Use Procedures
e. Only a Vice President, President, Vice Chancellor or the Chancellor can approve use.
f. Only an Approver or Designee can send/forward an email to these special-use DLs (not on behalf of ­ this is a current email system limitation.
g. Establish Standardized Guidelines for approval of special-use DLs
h. 2 megabyte message size restriction for all Special Use DL¹s.
i. DLs not designated as special-use do not have an approval and use procedures
j. DLs will only be available for internal District users and not accessible via the Internet
k. Only a Vice President, President, Vice Chancellor or the Chancellor can approve creation of a new DL.

Although the attached document is just a DRAFT, it does contain implications which would change the way we currently use the District email system.

Please let me know your thoughts regarding any of these changes so I can bring them back to the committee for discussion.

In Unity,