Only 1 Week to Go! – May Day Call to Action – NOT Business as Usual

Dear Colleagues,

There is only one week remaining until May 1st!  We hope by now you have already made your plans for participation in this important and historic event!

Events at each campus are now finalized:

9:00-11:00  Teach-in

11:00-12:00  March on Campus

12:00-1:00  Transportation to City College  (City College will have other scheduled events during this time.)

1:00  City College Big Rally

2:00  March from City College to Federal Building downtown

The most important point to this May 1st is that there be NO BUSINESS AS USUAL THAT DAY.  We are asking those that teach that day to re-schedule their class activities, take a Personal Necessity Day, and bring your students to the events.  For those of you who do not teach, we are asking you also take a Personal Necessity Day or schedule a vacation or comp. day and attend the teach-in and marches.

In other words, we are calling on all AFT members and allies to mark this May 1st as a call to action and not to perform your usual work duties that day.

In addition to the litany of threats facing workers, the very idea of public education is under attack from an administration that is doing everything it can to promote privatization, undermine the teaching profession from K-12 to the university level, and undercut student protections in a multitude of ways all in the service of transferring public dollars into private hands.  The Trump budget calls for cutting hundreds of millions of dollars from programs that fund education in California.  This would do great harm to education in our state at every level.  We cannot sit by idly and let this occur!

Are you participating in our AFT May Day 2017 Events?  Like and RSVP for your campus’s events on our Facebook Page: May Day – AFT Local 1931

Please distribute widely, especially among your students!

In Solidarity,


Jim Mahler, President

AFT Guild, Local 1931

“The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they suppress.”
~Frederick Douglass