One Minute Survey: 07-08 College Calendar


As a result of your feedback to the proposed 2007-08 calendar, two good
points were raised by a number of you:

1) We could start the spring semester a week later, on the Monday following
the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. The semester would then end just before
Memorial Day.

2) We could dismiss classes the Tuesday and Wednesday of Thanksgiving week, and make up those days at the end of the semester, on Tuesday and Wednesday December 18 & 19.

In order to get your feedback on which way to go regarding each of these
items, I have created a link on our home page to access a quick survey. Go
to and click on the “Calendar Survey” link.

I have also again attached the original proposed calendar so you can see the
relevant dates.

Thank you for taking a minute out of your busy schedule to complete this

In Unity,


Projected Calendar 07-08