New Salary Schedule Increases

Dear GCCCD AFT Guild Members,

I am pleased to report that just in time for your summer vacations we have reached agreement with the District on significant increases to both the tenured/tenure-track and adjunct/overload salary schedules!

The Chancellor and Governing Board are deeply committed to salary equity, and to that end have agreed to and fully support these changes. The terms of this agreement represent their commitment to salary equity for both contract and adjunct faculty at the District, and is part of a broader plan developed by the District in recent years for salary equity across all employee groups.

The parties have agreed to the following increases to the salary schedules effective July 1, 2023:

1. The percentage between each of the following three steps on the tenured/tenure-track salary schedule shall be increased as follows:

  • Percentage between steps 19 and 20 shall increase from 0.535% to 2.60%;
  • Percentage between steps 20 and 21 shall increase from 0.535% to 2.60%;
  • Percentage between steps 21 and 22 shall increase from 0.535% to 2.60%;

That means that all steps 22 and higher will also receive these compounded percentage increases (an approximate 6.32% increase).

2. A new Class VI shall be added to the Adjunct/Overload Salary Schedule. Class VI salary rates shall be 5.0% over the same salary step of the existing Class V. Tenured/tenure-track faculty with overload assignments will be moved to this new Class VI if they are on Class V or above on the tenured/tenure-track salary schedule. ***Adjunct faculty who believe they have met the criteria to move to this new Class VI must submit the salary advancement paperwork along with transcripts and verifications to in Human Resources to move to Class VI, even if their transcripts or work experience are already on file.***

Although these changes do not allow us to achieve perfect equity among other Districts in the County, or internally between adjunct and contract faculty, these changes do reflect a big step in that direction.

We thank the Chancellor and the Board for their commitment to salary equity and for their belief in compensating all employees as well as financial conditions allow.

Attached is the actual agreement we signed with the District that provides more details. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions regarding the implementation of any of these generous new salary provisions.

In Solidarity,
Jim Mahler, President
AFT Guild, Local 1931

Salary Equity Sideletter