New Adjunct Faculty Healthcare Benefits to Take Effect in Spring Semester! – SDCCD (02/01/2023)

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From: Jim Mahler
Subject: New Adjunct Faculty Healthcare Benefits to Take Effect in Spring Semester! – SDCCD
Date: December 8, 2022 at 4:09:28 PM PST
To: Undisclosed recipients:;

Dear AFT Guild SDCCD Faculty Colleagues,

I am pleased to report that we recently reached agreement with the District on full implementation of AB 190, the adjunct faculty healthcare legislation that CFT created and lobbied for and was recently signed into law by the Governor.

Although implementation of the provisions of AB 190 is optional for community college districts, we have reached agreement with the SDCCD on full implementation of this legislation.  This includes the following new parameters which will enhance our current healthcare benefits for our adjunct faculty:

1) The eligibility criteria will now be lowered to 40% FTEF, down from the current 50% FTEF.  Qualifying adjunct faculty will need to have completed two consecutive semesters (fall/spring or spring/fall) averaging 40% FTEF or above Districtwide.

2) Coverage is identical to what is offered to tenured/tenure-track faculty.  That includes the fully paid Kaiser plan, including Dental and Vision coverage, for all dependents.  United Healthcare plan options are also available to enroll in, but there is a monthly cost associated with most of those.

3) Coverage for all eligible dependents will take place at the initiation of coverage for the employee.

4) Coverage begins February 1st or September 1st of each year once eligibility is confirmed by the Benefits department.

5) Adjunct faculty whose premiums for health insurance are paid by an employer either from another job or as a dependent on an employer sponsored family member’s plan are not eligible for coverage.

Please visit the District Benefits Department website for more detailed information on benefits plans.  If you feel you qualify for this healthcare plan, please email so they can check your eligibility and inform you how to proceed.

In addition to the above, AB 190 also provides our “freeway fliers” with reimbursement for benefits they have purchased on their own provided they serve in more than one District and have not exceeded or equaled a 40% assignment in any District which offers a health benefits program for part-time faculty.  We are still working out the details on the implementation of this reimbursement program with the District and potentially a partnership with Covered CA and we hope to have more information on this program by early in the spring semester.

I would like to thank the District’s HR and Benefits team for working out these details for us so quickly.  We are the first District in the State to implement this new program!

I realize that is a lot of information to digest especially during this busy time of year, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions once you have had a chance to review everything.

In Solidarity,
Jim Mahler, President
AFT Guild, Local 1931